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The Olivia’s Realm podcast is a serial drama told by Olivia as she tries to escape small town life while discovering there might be more to her little street than she’d ever imagined.

Olivia’s drawn to the field in a way she’s never wanted anything before. And what’s more? The field wants her, too. What will it do to her? Will the Field let her go?

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I love this book!

I loved this book! The imagery and the beauty that your mind creates while reading it. Also I loved the story progression, it kept you wondering what was happening next. I wanted to be in the field with Olivia and all the characters there. You need to experience this for yourself. Such a magical experience.

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Great Read!

I found this book to be creative, entertaining and witty. With a lot of unexpected twists in this book, it kept me intrigued to the end.

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KariAnn may be a new author to the indie scene, but she is no stranger to great character-driven tension. The world-building in ‘Olivia’s Field’ is where KariAnn shines. She does a fabulous job creating a vivid ‘otherworld’ full of detail and life. Olivia is a caring and ambitious character with depth and she is nicely contracted with Varic, the stoic Faerie who acts as Olivia’s guide.

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Everyone’s talking about the field. Have you heard?

What starts as a grassroots urban renewal project, quickly turns into a paranormal mystery. I like urban elementalism, and anything that has to do with urban places generating mystical force. The author uses those contrivances in the story well, making the confluence of them dangerous, like I think they would be. But, she does it in such a way that the reader is able to draw their own conclusions, without getting preachy, or driving a particular agenda. Pleasantly surprised. A. Walker

Olivia's Field Podcast

Really enjoyed the book-I couldn’t wait to see what would happen on the next page! The characters are engaging and the plot is woven from threads from both the seen and the unseen world. A. Boyt

My daughter and i read and love this book. absolutely entertaining. we can’t wait for book 2! please keep writing, we love your voice. olivia has an adventure many kids dream of. K. Calvin

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